Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day and without it, we are walking zombies heading straight towards a day of directionless walking and pointless thinking. Imo, breakfast is the start to any productive day, but what should we eat for breakfast? This is a mind boggling question for many millennials, and this should not be the case as we already have enough to think about. So let me break down breakfast for you in 2 minutes:

What to Drink? 

Ans. Lemon Water, Herbal Tea, Natural Juices


Either of these options will rejuvenate your body and give you a natural energy boost compared to overhyped Coffee or energy drinks. Plus, don’t mention the health benefits these options offer. Making them a part of your daily routine will bring great results in the long run.

What to Eat?

Ans. Whole Grains, Carbs,  Fruits

whole grain bread.jpg

These are items available on any supermarket shelf and don’t cost an arm and leg. Whole grain Bread or Cereals, Fruits, Oats, Barley or Rye are superstars in the food world.

What to take when leaving the house?

Ans. Protein Shake, Health Bars, some Alcohol (jus kiddin lol)

protein shakes.jpg

Sometimes mornings get hectic and you might have to rush out without even having breakfast. But even if you do, taking these options on the road with you make for an awesome energy boost during down times like right before lunch or after lunch. A rich Protein shake and a simple health bar like the KIND brand will assist you during those times.

As millennials we’re always searching for ABC solutions that pack a healthy punch while making our lives easier. This ABC guide for breakfast should be a cool start.

What do you normally eat for breakfast? Hit me up in the comments below.

One Love,

Dave Anthony

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