Learning is opening up your eyes and mind to something you never knew before. With this vulnerability, we expose ourselves to not only the beauties of our existence but also to negative elements. The untapped mind cannot be awakened unless it is given the right ingredients to produce a connection between us and our destiny.

Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was written in the 1930’s and set around the time of The Great Depression, but remains relevant to this day. It took me all summer to read this book, as the depth of information cannot be swiftly skipped through like a Harry Potter novel. This information requires thought, pondering, absorbing, focus, analysis and definition; and I did all this while learning a wealth of information that has simply…

Changed my life.


The book focuses primarily focuses on the principles and disciplines that one should adapt in their thinking to bring about success. As the title states, growing rich fundamentally comes down to a definitive thought process. One that is bathed in positivity, nurturing, substance and prosperity; while simultaneously being free of negativity, vices and ill-will.

As a twenty-five year old in a world filled with violence, wars, racial disparities, hostile election campaigns and so much more, creating a positive mindset can be difficult. However, if one must achieve and harbor the thoughts necessary to be successful, you have to create a balance. Hence, these are the three main principles I have grasped from the book:

Definition of goals

Ever since I was young, I would wish upon the stars for so much. From getting the chance to come to the United States to achieving success as an Entrepreneur. However, I had just put these goals out in the universe without setting a definite timeline to achieve them. According to Napoleon Hill, when you create goals with definiteness, you put it out into the ether that you want this accomplished within a certain time. The universe then creates the environment for these goals to be achieved, but requires one to harbor positive energies and thoughts while working towards that set timeline. Throwing anything off balance can result in failure.

The mind is our biggest enemy

How many times have you started something and stopped or set a goal but never started? You had it all mapped out in your mind and yet nothing happened. It is amazing how the mind that can conjure up world changing ideas can be the same mind that prevents that idea from coming to light. Repeatedly we let our minds get in the way of our success. There is that incessant voice saying you cannot do it, you will never have that 6 pack, you will never get that management position. You are a failure! While in the same mind, there is a strong willpower to make things happen, to break barriers and change the world. Our minds, believe it or not, is our worst enemy. Not the envious family member, not the backstabbing friend, not the hypocritical racist, not the conservative agenda, our own minds can create our own destruction.

Build a strong network

In the book Napoleon speaks of a “Mastermind Group.” This group was not a real one, but one he developed in his mind that included great thinkers and creators such as Henry Ford and Abraham Lincoln. He would hold nightly meetings with this group and tell them his ideas and they would offer feedback (all in his mind). The benefit of a powerful network is indisputable. Not only does it open doors but offers sound advice and helpful criticism that will greatly improve your life. No man is an island, and the road to success is an obstacle filled one that will knock you down many times. Having a strong, supportive network (preferably with people who can relate to your situation) to help pick you back up will not only improve your chances of success but offer relationships that will improve your well-being.

I could go on for hours about what I have gathered from this book. It is a powerful piece of literature that will continue to change lives for neons to come. It has helped change mine, maybe it can do the same for you.

Have you read the book before and what did you learn? Let me know in the comments below.

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

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I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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  1. Love this post..mind is our greatest enemy as well as a friend..as you said, feed it with the proper ingredients. Then it will guide you through and provide you with all the required things, energise you and strengthen the walls of mind from within. And it will guide you through lighting up your way. No matter whatever obstacle is, they get negated before your strong will.

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