Greek Philosopher, Heraclitus once said, “The only thing that is constant is change.”

Change is the most poignant factor in all of creation. Fall changes to winter, day changes to night, childhood changes to adulthood, innocence changes to knowledge, life changes to death, sorrow changes to happiness.

Life is constantly changing.

The older you get the more you realize that change is inevitable. Things will not remain the same forever, and I can attest to this.

I have been through so many changes in 2016 alone, that change left me spinning…

Our third NYC location that opened in Jan. 2016

January 2016 – my restaurant company opened a third restaurant location

February 2016 – business was growing, but costs were more than income

March 2016 – my apartment rent was piling up, we were struggling to pay employees, vendors and lenders

April 2016 – Rents among other expenses for business locations started piling up, but we were determined to make it work by launching new promotional campaigns (as you can see in the cover photo) and cutting costs as much as possible

May 2016 – Sales at our second store location which opened in 2015 began to drop dramatically, we had to make a decision

June 2016 – We closed the second location and started looking to expansion in Florida for our next location, where operating costs would be lower

July 2016 – Moved to Florida to start prospecting locations, and traveled back and forth every week between there and New York City to continue running our NYC operations (we still had two stores there)

Our first location that opened in November 2013

August 2016 – A lot of stuff just happened all at once, our Main Chef left the company and my business partner met in a car accident. Business was suspended for a few weeks but that has turned into months.

September 2016 – With the stores in New York closed indefinitely, we officially moved to Florida. Life had to go on and we had to survive, so we started searching for private sector jobs.

October 2016 – Business was still closed, still job hunting

November 2016 – I got hired at a fast food chain doing things as an employee that I used to do in my own business

December 2016 – Still working at the fast food restaurant, while working behind the scenes on my dreams and goals to come back bigger and stronger for 2017 and beyond

(N.B. Our business was bootstrapped, so cash flow and cash management was the main reason we failed)

There are many in betweens in all this. A lot of details that I will talk about in subsequent articles, but I gave you that summary to highlight my point; everything changes.

We started the year on a high and I would not say we are ending it on a low, but life changes has taught us some hard and valuable lessons that has put us in a place to regroup and come back ten times stronger. These changes have been a blessing in disguise and has given us a wealth of real world knowledge that we would not have gained otherwise.

Life changes, undoubtedly there will be highs and lows. Just remember that change is important. See it as a chance to grow, adapt and learn, because without it life has no real meaning.

What changes have you been through this year?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

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