This blog is called The UnSchool for a few reasons, but this is one of them.

I don’t believe in the traditional school system!

It is an archaic institution that limits one’s creativity and restricts true growth, passion and fulfillment. In my 20 something years of attending school from kindergarten to college, the system has left a bitter taste in my mouth. One filled with mistrust, regret and a genuine resentment.

It was not until my business failed last year that I really started to analyze and wake up to the idea that school as we know it is total bullshit. We are led to believe that you should be pushed out of your mom and led down a path to societal civility and readiness by acquiring skills a set of men have instituted as the right path to success and enrichment, validating your position among mere beings.

The real truth is, nothing you learn in a shoebox of a classroom, spending thousands of dollars putting yourself in debt, equates to real world experience. So, these are just two of the things school did not teach me, as I will expound on similar topics like this in many other articles.

School did not teach me about failure

It is amazing that failure is one of the things that connects so many of us. It is something I am sure you and maybe most or all of your friends and family can relate to. Yet, school mentions nothing of it. It is like a hidden book locked behind doors that should never be opened, despite it being one of the biggest elements of any true success. School claims to teach you methods and principles that you can apply to real world settings, whether that be in your professional or personal lives. However, the commonality in both those areas of our existence, is failure. We will fail at relationships, in business and in our jobs. We will fail not once but countless times. It is an ever present subject that is there to teach us valuable lessons along our paths if we are wise enough to acknowledge them. Yet, school conveniently chooses to eliminate enlightening pupils about failure partly because, it defeats there objective. Look at it, if I should walk in a classroom as a teacher and tell my students, “The hard truth is you are going to fail at most things in life,” and in the same breath tell you “At this school we are giving you the tools to succeed in life.” Would you take me seriously? Of course not. School did not teach me how to handle or even acknowledge the existence of failure as it would go against there message of “success.”


Ivan Illich

School is the advertising agency that makes you believe you need the society as it is

School did not teach me about the “real world,” because then, I would have questioned everything

I went to school in the real world, I started a business in the real world, but school did not teach me about the real world. School made me believe that the only thing important in life is a professional career in which you take home a weekly check, find a partner, have babies, support them and then die. The truth is, our existence on this earth is much bigger than that established farce. School did not teach me that we are everlasting beings, we are our own Gods, we have free will, there is no time, we live in an illusion, religion separates and spirituality is what really matters. It did not teach me that nature lives within us, we can manifest our lives through the laws of attraction mixed with hard work and direct goals, the importance of meditation and prayer. Instead, school taught me how to find X in quadratic functions (that I have never fucking used once since graduation), how to write a resume, what to wear to an interview, how to follow the laws and regulations of this man made society, how to create a retirement account and how to be a consumer. The fact is, if they had taught me about the real world, I would have questioned their made up one. I would have made them look like idiots as I scoffed at the fabricated nonsense they were shoving down my throat. The truth is, school was designed to keep me belittled, to keep me asleep, for me to remain sheep.

Fortunately, I woke and smelt the shit being served. A little late, but I smelt it anyway.

What are some of the things you did not learn in school?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

6 replies on “Two Things School did not Teach Me

    1. Indeed. School feeds you systematic bullshit to push you out into the world as an employee because that is where they want to keep you. They don’t give you the tools to empower yourself. I’m glad the new generation is waking up to the smoke screen little by little.


  1. Wow, what a great idea for a blog! You’re an amazing writer and can’t wait to read more from you! I just followed you and would love if you’d check mine out, thanks. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. ๐Ÿ’•

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