I have been learning French for about three years now.

J’ai appris le français depuis trois ans maintenant.

An on/off journey that has gotten me no further than having a basic conversation about the weather and what I had for dinner.

Becoming fluent in French has been a goal of mine for a long while, from my High School days. However, I never got the chance to formally pursue it until I started college. My French teacher in my first semester hailed from France itself and was a great mentor in guiding me along the path to French fluidity and I passed with flying colors. In my second semester however, I failed grammar miserably, I got a “F.”

From thereon, I thought I  would be a failure at the language. I went on to my third semester and despite my doubts, got an “A.” My hope was restored.

Since leaving college I have tried to continue my studies, but life mixed with a bit of demotivation has stifled my efforts. Learning a new language on your own is not easy.

College gave me some formality and structure, and even though I am against the formal education system (you will learn more about that soon), I must say, it gave me the foundation to start my French learning journey.

I am committed to being fluent in French. Since college I have done tutoring lessons on iTalki, watched dozens of French films, read many French publications and changed my phone’s main language from English. Still, I am not where I want to be three years on because I have not applied myself.

Application is something that requires principle, some form of structure and overall, discipline. Since college, I have not applied myself to learning French. I have become lackadaisical towards my mission in mastering the language.

I am trying to apply myself and it is a continuous mission. However, I am now 25 and I will be fluent in French by 30. So that means I have to start applying myself or else being fluent in another language will be one of my dying regrets.

What mission are you currently on?

One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

3 replies on “My Mission to Learn French

  1. I too have a love of the French Language. Every word is like a chocolate truffle isn’t it? Rich and full bodied and coats the tongue with deliciousness. But you’re right in the fact that if you don’t have anyone else to practice with, the language becomes stagnant. Keep it alive my friend! Watch french movies, listen to french music, subscribe to a french magazine or order your favorite books in french. (I have Harry Potter book 1 in french.) Never know when it’ll come in handy eh? 😉

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    1. Thanks for your feedback and encouragement Jessica. I really love French, there is no other language like it. I am committed to becoming fluent and will try my best to do just that. I indulge in the culture when I can (i.e. French news, movies, music, etc.) All the best with your French journey too. One Love!

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