Don’t we all?

Something that will transcend our years of existence, something that will make a mark on this and many generations to come, something that will be immortal (I can wish right?).

I have a burning desire to create so many things that will change the world, whether it be for a small kid in Cambodia or a socialite in Beverly Hills. I have many dreams, as I have written about before. But sometimes laziness, fear, doubt and distraction creeps into the picture as they always do. Thwarting my efforts and holding me back from getting one step closer.

I will be 26 in 2 weeks and if there is one thing I have realized over my years of adulthood, is that time waits on no one. You remember, that cliche saying you would hear from your parents and teachers when you opted to play with your friends instead of studying for a test. But, the more I have grown, the more I have come to realize how true to life that statement is. Maybe those teachers and parents were speaking from a place of experience and everyday reality, but as a child I could not fathom that phrase and its relation to brevity.

As my birthday inches closer (I am not big on birthdays, they are just another day for me), I am becoming ever more conscious of the life goals I placed in the universe last year after my business failed. I created a “Mission 30” project, to achieve a few things that I have been dreaming of for years now, and the steps towards them are taken with every waking day since then. However, in 2 weeks, I will have only 4 years exactly to make them happen.

Am I scared at the thought of not achieving them within that time frame? To be honest, I am trying not to. Doubt is a very pernicious thing, believe it or not. As that doubt is produced from fear, which in turn creates negative realities for you and your dreams. Hence, if I doubt myself and my ability to make those dreams a reality by 2021, then they will never happen.

I have come a very far way.

Not to brag, but what I have learnt from starting a restaurant business at age 21 and having it fail at 24 is far more than most people will learn in their lifetimes. I have handled thousands of dollars in one day and see that money leave just as quickly as it came. I have hired and fired dozens of staff. I have made many life changing decisions that now has left me with a sky high debt and a bad credit score. I have somewhat lived in my short 25 years depending on how you look at it. But, to me, that pales in comparison to what I want to, can and will achieve.

My goals are realistic ones, but at the same time they are very ambitious. I never settle for mediocrity. I cherish humility but pity lack of faith and not believing you can accomplish the impossible. They say the sky is the limit, but fuck that, the limit is where you want to put it. It could be Mars, Jupiter or even an undiscovered galaxy. After all, the sky is just an illusion.

I am getting started on achieving those goals everyday.

I am envisioning them, I am smelling them, I am tasting them, I am living them. I want to write a totally different article 4 years from now with those goals being accomplished and me telling you how I did it, and I will do that.

I know you want to create something big too, something that will live on forever, something that will make you happy even in the after life, something that will provide a comfortable life for your family, something that will change the world in its own little way.

Guess what!

You can do it, just believe in yourself, write those goals down and take the necessary steps to achieving them. Ask your guides for guidance, be faithful and never surrender. Endurance is key.

So let’s create something big, but there is not much time, so we better get started now!

Have you created or want to create something big?

One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

6 replies on “I Want to Create Something Big…I Know You Do Too!

  1. Mr. Anthony, here is a quote by Henry Wood. “Thoughts are real forces – living messengers of power. Love thoughts, even when brought to bear upon our pains and trials, transform them and make them educational.”

    About changing the world. . .
    I turned 49 years old this March. I have one year to get it done. I have a “do it by 50” list now. I started patenting things when I was about your age, and one thing I didn’t factor in was that one should not trust their lawyers. In fact, my lawyers told me I did not get several patents that I found out I did get.

    One thing that was patented without me knowing about it was Ergosoft Ergonomics Software; I thought it was just trademarked and I found documentation indicating my lawyer misspelled my name, then mailed a document that took 7 years to arrive (right) indicating the law firm was investing in me and would pay the maintenance fees on the patent after the separated Loomos (me) from Ergo (Ergosoft Ergonomics Software), then changed the misspelling of my name to a number. Scumbags!

    At least 40 percent of disability payments in the United States are due to poor ergonomics, and I would like to give Ergosoft Ergonomics Software away free to the people a little bit as a fuck you to my scumbag lawyers. It is on a CD and I can’t figure out how to get it downloadable. It works on my new computer, so it is still good.

    I was trying to change the world by helping people avoid the pain and disability of MSD’s due to poor ergonomics; what I didn’t factor in is a lot of people get pissed off when you try to do something helpful. I still think OSHA wants people to get injured because if an injury is unreported, they can audit the company and fine them for millions of dollars. Good luck and be careful who you trust. – Melanie

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    1. Melanie, thanks for your feedback. It is always appreciated. Happy belated birthday! I’m really sorry to hear what happened with your patents. People can be real messed up in this world and unfortunately people who work hard and make all the sacrifice are the ones who always get fucked over. You cannot trust anyone, especially when it comes to business, and I have learnt that a few times as well.

      Just keep pressing on and continue creating and playing your part in changing the world. Your product sounds very useful and it is not too late to make it a success. Just keep pushing to make it happen.

      I wish you nothing but success and happiness on the road to fulfilling your dreams and making a difference in this world Melanie. Stay blessed. One Love.

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  2. I am so glad to read here what my own heart has come to realize. Every word was true and I could feel it. I KNOW it. I started my wordpress blog to make the dream of being a published novelist come true. I was terrified but I took the steps. I had courage. It’s very reassuring to know that there are others out there struggling right along with me. We’re on different paths but we’re all working toward that Recognition; within ourselves and in the world. Step by step Dave. Allons-y!

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