Have you ever realized how easy it is to get discouraged and how hard it is to stay motivated?

We all know that “negative” forces somehow always carry more energy and influence than positive ones, maybe that is why discouragement is just a heartbeat away while motivation and determination lurks miles away in the distance.

With the slightest bit of doubt, discouragement is waiting in the shadows to take over your mind, body and spirit. To hold you back, keep you trapped, making you feel lesser than, making you feel worthless, making you feel its not possible.

It can be the hardest thing to shake off. So how do you put discouragement in a box and throw away the key? The answer is, I do not think there is any one answer, maybe there is no answer. But, we can try and see where it takes us with these steps.

Mind Over Matter

Easier said than done. I know, believe me. We are preached this sermon everyday by motivational speakers, spiritual leaders, teachers, parents and the list goes on. They make it sound so easy, so effortless. As if with the snap of a finger we can transform from our physical selves into spiritual beings hovering over all the physical madness below here on earth.

Mind over matter requires effort, commitment, faith, resilience, and persistence. It is not done at the snap of a finger and it cannot be achieved if you are not focused. However, if we must overcome discouragement, learning to not get attached to the negativity of this world is important.

On the other hand though, being detached from the human experience of happiness, pain, sorrow and excitement takes away from the whole point of being here, doesn’t it?

I agree.

how to handle discouragement 1

Hence, it is all about finding that balance. I don’t think discouragement can ever be discarded for good. We can lock it in a box and throw away the key, but it is still there in the back of our minds, it is in our sub-conscious, ready to strike. There is no single fix to getting rid of it, but building our mental resistance to its attacks can go a far way in limiting its effects, and maybe a part of that resistance is acceptance.

Accepting Discouragement for What it is

As I mentioned above, discouragement, excitement, happiness, sadness, loss, enthusiasm, positivity, negativity is all a part of this human experience. If we take away any of these emotional attributes, our earthly experience becomes limited.

A major rule of creation is balance. Balance in life, in faith, in spirit, in actions, in nature, balance is the law of the universe. You cannot have one without the other. You cannot understand joy without sorrow, you cannot understand loss without ever receiving in the first place, you cannot understand love without hate.

Therefore, you cannot understand encouragement and motivation without discouragement and failures.

We often forget about this rule of creation. The law which is one of the most if not the most important of it all. Balance!

The moment we learn to accept the good with the bad and understand that experiencing discouragement is all apart of this experience, the easier it will be for us to accept and get past such situations. Which flows into the next point.

Understanding Discouragement is Important to Overcoming

As humans we are raised a certain way. We are acclimated into society through the customs and norms of our ancestors. Hence, whatever they taught us, is what we take for gospel.

So, things such as discouragements and disappointments are considered as vices that should be frowned upon and avoided at all costs.

However, look on the flip side. We have all been discouraged one time or another in this life. Whether its in your personal life, professional life or any other instance, and if anything, what did that discouragement offer you.

If offered you a lesson.

Dale Carnegie

Develop success from failures. Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success

It added to your experience here on this earth, it offered you insight into what you should and should not do. Nine times out of ten, it helped you grow.

And this is what we fail to understand in this life. Discouragement, failure, disappointments are more than what we were taught. They are lessons that are demonized based on how we were raised but they are experiences that add to the equation of our earthly existence. Emotional attributes that make us human, make us stronger, make us more prepared, make us more wise.

The more we understand discouragement for what it is, instead of seeing it as a vice and something sent from the pit of “hell” to fuck you over, take some time to analyze what those discouragements have taught you.

You would be surprised.


Discouragement in the moment sucks. I know. I have experienced just as much as you. But, I am learning to take it for what it is. A fucked up learning curve that can hurt as hell, but it is important to the journey, to this experience.

It is not a vice, it is not something sent by your spiritual haters to throw you off course or ruin you. It is just an emotional addition to this journey called life, and the more you understand it and accept it for what it is, the faster you will be able to move on and be great.

How do you view discouragement?

One Love,

Dave Anthony



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  1. All your thoughts here are great advice: focus on the mind, acceptance and the need for failure to appreciate and experience success. I love Dale Carnegie, too, after a friend had me read his book. I refer back to it from time to time
    I would also add that having a community to encourage and help spread the word about your good thoughts is a win-win, too. 🙂
    Hope you have a great week!


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