There’s something about Jaden Smith.

Take away the fact that he is Will Smith’s son, he has created a movement of his own, a lifestyle of sorts.

One that is subtly rebellious, mildly charming but more so intriguing. It is a style that represents nothing.

Neither man or woman, neither gay or straight, neither conservative or liberal, it’s just his own.

At this past Monday’s Met Gala in New York City, Jaden showed us not only his blatant disregard for fashion and societal norms but displayed his ability to send a message by just being himself.

The best part of Jaden’s outfit was his bleach blond dreadlocks, which he had cut off for a movie role. He wore clothing from Louis Vuitton women’s line and even rocked heels.

jaden smith dreadlocks

Something we have rarely seen from the days of Prince and Steven Tyler. It is unapologetic and refreshing, which somehow got me thinking…

Will I ever take such risks?

Not necessarily related to fashion, but in life. Will I ever be bold enough to step out of my comfort zone to the point where I could change beliefs. To the point where I could create a movement.

Will I be strong enough to accept my own truth, whatever that is and live in it without regret, remorse or empathy?

I have taken risks before, some safe, some not. My short entrepreneurial journey was a risk in and of itself, and I took it.

My decision to drop out of college and not complete my degree was considered a risk based on societal standards, but I did it.

I have taken risks, but were they bold enough to recourse anything or make my purpose here more meaningful?

That I may never know, but I am happy that I took those risks and stood up for something I believed in, and I admire that Jaden does the same at such a young age.

We should all take some risks in life and avoid playing it safe sometimes. You will never know your true abilities if you stay close to the vest and always thread on eggs shells.

Be bold, be courageous, be advocative, be passionate, but the last thing you want to do in life is be nothing at all.

Go take some risks, make mistakes and keep learning.

One Love,

Dave Anthony

Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

4 replies on “You Have To Take Risks; Jaden Smith Shows Us How!

  1. Mr. Anthony, you are so young and so far ahead of me, I think you will do fine. Believe in yourself. You already know you can’t trust everyone; and that was the mistake I made. I used to think people didn’t lie just because they were lawyers. I was wrong, and I am still trying to recover from it. Melanie ๐Ÿ™‚

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