As first world citizens, it is easy for many of us to get lost in the privileges we are granted daily. Something as simple as having access to water at the turn of a knob is a luxury many other people in this same world would kill for.

Hence, it is amazing some of the frivolous and pathetic “problems” that grind our gears. Things such as not knowing what to wear because we have so much clothes or where to go for dinner because budget is not an issue.

I am guilty of this and I must say there are a few first world problems that I get worked up about sometimes, and its honestly not worth it. But, after all we are mere humans.

Here are my shortfalls…

No Wi-Fi. I know this is a popular one for many of us. Not having wi-fi or internet access in the day and age is like dying a slow, torturous death. The internet is how we stay connected, get our news, socialize, get jobs, emails, do school work, watch porn, listen music, watch movies and music videos…Damn, now that I am writing this, how did we survive without the internet for so long?

No headphones. I love music, it is one of my all time favorite things. Therefore, whenever I am in a setting that requires some musical distraction such as the gym or a flight, I just draw for my headphones and bob away. Whenever I misplace, lose or damage my headphones, my day gets a little dull.

A season of my favorite show ending. I remember when Breaking Bad ended, that sucked.

Blaming my alarm for not waking me. Ah, I remember my days of alarms. Many times it was not even the alarms fault, I am just a very sound sleeper. Poor alarm!

Worrying about my credit rating. If you live in the United States (it might be called by a different name in other countries), your social security number is like the mark of the beast, if follows you everywhere. Forget loans or that hot car if you have a poor credit rating.

Not knowing what to eat, because there is too much to eat. You know that moment when you walk into the kitchen, open the pantry or the refrigerator and stand there for minutes looking at the food in an indecisive stare? One of the luxuries of living in the first world with too many options.

Stressing about how much interaction I get on social media. Don’t pretend like you are holier than thou. The only reason we post on social media is to get validation from others, so ego is a part of the game.

Someone stealing my identity. This is like the boogey man of the modern era. Forget murders and terrorism, cyber crimes and identity theft are just as bad.

Getting fat. This is one of the biggest issues for many people in the first world. We have so much to eat that we are able to worry about putting on too much weight.

Too much Trump coverage.  It just been 5 months into Trump.s presidency and I am overwhelmed with the amount of controversy and turmoil in the White House. The media should just put a ban on reporting about the government for a few weeks. Damn!

Quick Note: To be honest, I don’t think this is one of my best posts. As a Writer, you can tell when your work is shit. But, I am publishing it as I think our artistic journey involves learning from our worst sometimes. There is always a lesson in there somewhere :).

These are just some of my first world problems. What are yours?

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One Love,

Dave Anthony





Posted by:Dave Anthony

I am a Jamaican born Entrepreneur living in the United States. Adventurous, writer, weird, down to earth. Here I write about interesting stuff that educates, thrills and influences.

10 replies on “Just Some of My Stupid First-World Problems

  1. Interesting perspective. Living in America, I can definitely see how these thoughts are relevant to my daily lifestyle and to those around me. It’s crazy how drastically different lifestyles are in different countries, and how we value things differently. I wouldn’t call these stupid first world problems, it’s part of the reality that we live in. However, I would call these stupid when you lose insight on how grateful you should be living, and how others are not in the same boat.
    I think it’s strong writing also, if our writing reflects how we feel, I think that’s the best kind of writing there is!

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    1. Thanks for your feedback. It is all a matter of perspective and indeed, it is all about your reality and what is relevant to you. However, as you mentioned, I think most times we overlook the fact that we have it very easy compared to most, and take it for granted. We just need to show more appreciation for the things we have and give to those who are less fortunate as much as we can. One Love!

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  2. I have too many Starbucks travel mugs. When I grab the one that matches my outfit best, I can never find the corresponding lid in the pile I keep in a bowl in my cupboard, and am reduced to using whichever one I can find a mate for first. How’s that for a first world problem?

    Who cares if it’s not your best writing? It’s insightful and interactive, gets the point across in shockingly few words, and is sometimes just what we need to see.

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    1. Thanks for your feedback Mandy. Lol. That is a first world problem indeed. I have a few of those as well, but not as serious. Also, thanks for the encouragement. I just prefer to put it all out there and be honest. Whatever my emotions or mindset at the moment of writing is, that’s what is typed. One Love!

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  3. Mr. Anthony,

    I agree. We are very lucky. My grandparents came over here from Greece to get away from socialism. Even though my dad grew up for a while in an orphanage in Chicago because my grandparents had TB, he was able to become a lawyer.

    I really like your web site, and I am learning Sparkle for MAC. I have been practicing with a theme that will not even allow me to change the pictures. . .is there any way you could tell me what theme you use? If that is a taboo question, I am sorry; but I really like your site, especially the post about the multiverse. I like reading about theoretical physics too. I kind of think there is a multiverse.

    Melanie 🙂

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  4. Except for the Trump coverage, I can relate to all others. I don’t think this is a bad piece, in fact it’s fun and relatable. 😇

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